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Liquid Thermal Shock

Robotic Swing Arm travel between hot and cold bath

Liquid Thermal Shock..TSL5.

Liquid Thermal Shock is a liquid-to-liquid thermal shock bath designed to operate for semiconductor devices within current military standards (Mil-Std 883 Method 1011.8 and Mil-Std 202 Method 107G, and with a load between 7.5 and 10 lbs.Through the use of a robotic arm the basket is able to travel between the hot and cold baths.There is an agitator system in each bath to ensure good temperature distribution and the large transparent Plexiglas lid allows full access to the baths for loading and unloading the test basket.The large, translucent Plexiglas lid ensures full access to both baths for loading and unloading the test basket. The TS series also has a built in agitator system in both baths that enhances temperature distribution.